About Me

Hey, I’m Tess.

This is just a blog where I can put my weird little cartoons, and my epic graphic novel of unspeakable greatness.

There’s basically three pages here.  And this one, obviously.

Life is an ongoing, real-world-based graphic novel about, I don’t know, someone breaking up with her boyfriend and then getting on with her life, I guess.

Jerusalem is an ongoing historic medieval fantasy graphic novel about a woman who suddenly finds she has enormous magical powers because she touches a holy artifact during the sack of Jerusalem in 1244.

Random Short Things is just one-off strips as they occur to me.

My main website is here, and my blog is here, if you’d like to stop by.

But before you do, please be aware that I write erotica when I’m not doing this, and I swear a lot on the other blog, like really a lot, even by my own standards, and I talk about about the erotica I write.  So it may not be for everyone.  I don’t want to assume that just because you liked the graphic novels you want everything I do thrown in your face.  But do come and say hi if you’d like to.  Especially if you’ve got nice things to say!

If you want to look at the blog without the worst of the rudeness, the blog has a kind of filter tag that should cut out the really graphic posts.  Use this.

I use Pixton to make the pictures.  I’m here on Pixton.

And, um, thanks for looking.